Somansh Budhwar

Artificial Intelligence Student



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Llama-RAG for ADHD

Here is the Llama2 model for ADHD augmented with RAG and prompt engineering deployed using Nginx on my Linux server

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Vader Sentiment Analysis

Here is a basic ML-model for sentiment analysis deployed using AWS Lambda and AWS API gateway

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Particle Swarm Optimisation

Below is the link for Particle Swarm Optimisation algorithm's implementation in Python. It uses Eggholder function to test swarm's performance.

Colab Notebook
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Bachelor Thesis

Action recognition among Cats using a mixed-input CNN - Convolutional Neural Network, achieving 42% accuracy for 6 classes. Combined image data with Knowledge Graphs to capture a holistic context of the scene.

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Anthropology Notes

Here is the link to my website for Anthropology Notes, made in collaboration with Arushi.